28th of October 2009

he makes me want to paint my nails red

22nd of October 2009

so i caught a bus to just come see him and he said i was amazing. truth is that was nothing and i would do anything.

19th of October 2009

he drives with one hand on the wheel just so he can hold my hand.

18th of October 2009

(by katie turner)
13th of October 2009

laying in your arms all night and waking up with you by my side… that’s my favourite part, sweetheart.

10th of October 2009

he just held me. answered my questions even though I’ve lost my voice and you can’t hear a single thing.

8th of October 2009

I always feel like I’m dreaming all this. he said no, this is falling for you, it is

7th of October 2009

this what you’ve been missing. now it’s here and so are the butterflies.

3rd of October 2009

I felt like skipping all the way to my front door and dancing round the room with everyone.

29th of September 2009

he remembers everything. all those stories that snowballed outta my mouth, stories that I can’t remember. he remembers those ones.

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